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Whether in north or south of Tenerife, you'll find an endless source of fun ! Including culture, famous water parks, zoos and natural [...]

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We are proud to give our clients a prosperous economic income on their property purchases, in adition to helping them make a [...]

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Our aim is to bring both buyers and sellers to an agreement point.
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Tenerife Island

Tenerife is the reference of an atlantic Paradise in European Union.
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Tenerife Best Invest offers you their experience of finding the best investment profits in relation to your investments in the canary islands.

Invest Progs

A heavenly climate
When buying a property in the canary islands, the climate guarantees you with 330 days of exceptional sunshine climate per year within only a few hours by plane from Europe. There is indeed many microclimates in the south of Tenerife that guarantee sunshine, warmth and light without comparison with the rest of Europe.

Very attractive property prices
The real estate market in Tenerife is unbeatable, when taking in consideration the amount of your investment on a property - holiday apartments, residential apartments, villas -, the income to receive per year, or going on holiday for free in a exceptional climate.
You can find apartments in residential areas from only 63.000 € up to luxury properties for several millions of euros. By all means the most attractive part is paying only 6.5% Tax from the buying Price, plus notary, fees, solicitors and land registry.
Making all the legal costs on a property purchase around 8.5% with all services included.

A property investment that makes sense
When buying a property in Tenerife, an island that increases in tourist visitors by 10% per year, you cant go wrong! the demand for property rentals is beaten by the offer of sunshine properties and these statistics give us the security to offer you a minimum of 4% return on investment to not talk of 8%, but we prefer to be modest.

Tenerife is up to date
You get all the modern infrastructures - 2 international airports with low-cost flights and daily connections, ultra-modern hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls and some of the best fun parks in the world. The cost of life is cheaper by all means.

A multitude of leisure
The area of ​​Tenerife is a paradise for lovers of nature, beaches, wellness, golf and water sports.

Annual tax on your property
Each year, as a property owner, you will be required to pay a tax calculated on the value of the land where is located. In Canarias, it is the tax on real property. Its cost is about 1% of the land value of the property is reassessed every 8 years.
Example: Cost of 180 € per year for a new apartment 100000 €

Inheritance and Donation
As in all countries, these kind of rights must be adapted to each case.
Like in all European countries, these kind of rights must be assessed for each case in particular and we therefore offer you our legal services to advise you in your best desires.

Property Rent
If your property is leased, the tax base is equal to gross income. The tax rate is 21%.

If your property is not rented, but for example used only as personal use, Spanish income tax is due to 21% of a fictitious rental income estimated at 2% of the land value.
Example: I.e land value = 25000 x 2% x 21% = 105 € per year
(100.000 € property value)

The Spanish market experienced a particularly severe crisis and the housing bubble exploded. The financial crisis and the need for widespread cash have forced many owners and the banks to sell their real estate assets simultaneously.

The supply far exceeding demand, a crash of a rare violence occurred. The consequences of this crisis offer attractive opportunities today.

In the market for new properties or programs, real estate developers reviewed their overprice and decided to divided them by two. In addition, they applied a modern architecture with an imprint of modernism and contemporaneity.

In the market for existing properties, certain developments have been seized by banks wanting to get back their assets. Applying discounts ranging from 20 to 70 per cent in most cases.

Foreign investors clearly can benefit of attractive prices and economic analyses clearly aim to woards a recovery regarding secondary homes close to the sea.

It's therefore "NOW" the time to find the good bargain you'r looking for, aspiring to get you a comfortable return on your investment whether on a short term rental basis as on a long term resale speculation.
And even more, the increase in "LOW COST" flghts and guaranteed sunshine give you the perfect option to make best use of your second home abroad.

A proud investment for a good family father that combines short and long-term financial performance and a leisure dimension that will benefit all your loved ones.

A paradise for family

Come and discover a warm and welcoming destination, offering infrastructure specially designed for all the ages

When buying on an island like Tenerife, you will find an endless source of entertainment, cultural activities, wáter sports, beaches, excursions, typical gastronomy, world wide famous parks of all kinds (adventure, wáter, zoos) and the simplicity of visiting any of the canary islands by jumping on a 30 minutes boat trip or flight, expanding your holidays to a further island experience

And of course the beaches! They are known for their cleanliness, safety and modern infrastructure. The entertainment possibilities on the coast are virtually limitless. Swimming in warm, calm waters, making sand castles or explore the coastline aboard a catamaran are all unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

A paradise for young

Tenerife is synonymous of good atmosphere, joy of living life, good weather, concerts and world respected festivals! Every hour of the day, 365 days per year, Tenerife offers you a wide choice of fun and leisure!

The day
Lazing at the beach, water sports such as sailing, diving, motor boating, trekking, water skiing, flysurf, windsurfing, catamaran, ... or shopping: from small shops to large shopping malls (some outdoors)... there is definitely something for everyone!
And for those wishing to combine beach and trekking, the Teide is nearby. This volcano is, with its sixteen peaks over 3600 meters, the highest in Spain and the second highest mountain in Europe after the Alps, will guarantee an amazing view on the 7 islands from its summit !

The night
A large selection of restaurants, bars, music venues, pubs and nightclubs guarantee unforgettable nights, which can last until well after dawn.
To tour the tapas bar to bar, discover the warm temperament of the Canarian people, dance to the rhythm of the greatest DJ's.

The possibilities are endless!

A paradise for pensioners

Tenerife is full of advantages for our beloved elder ones to cast some days in the sun!! Many have already made the clever move!

Indeed, a mild Winter climate and very good one in the summer, allows to enjoy an incomparable sweetness of life! Overall cost of living is cheaper (food, restaurants, fuel, insurance, tax) and a large amount is saved on "HEATING". Living in the canaries is specially comfortable as the locals are easy to adopt. The Canarians are generous, courteous, and willing to be of help to foreigners.

Grand expat network:
Divided into many associations which offer daily activities, trips, walks, entertainment evenings ...

Leisure and cultural life:
Spain also has the merit to charge very reasonable prices regarding access to cultural entertainment: pensioners are particularly fortunate with the town halls that offer a multitude of activities for them (trips, cultural visits ... ) at unbeatable prices.

Quality medical care:
In addition, the Tenerife medical service is very knowledgeable and has very modern infrastructures. According to the World Health Organization, the Spanish health care system is among the five best in the world.

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